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Do you feel like you have all aspects of your life together...except your weight?
Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality for once and for all?
Are you done looking for the next quick fix or shiny new diet?
Are you ready to take back your power around food?

Then you are in the right place sister!

In this exclusive program you will learn how to decrease your desire for excess food, overcome emotional eating and drinking, and create permanent weight loss results.

I'm living proof of what I am going to teach you! If I can do it, anyone can! 

what if your could lose weight


What if this was the last time you lost the weight? 

What if it was simple?

What if there was no deprivation, negative self talk and beating yourself up?

This program is all of that and more!

I will show you how to treat your body with a whole new level of love and respect. You will be amazed at how much more fun it is to lose weight while loving yourself!

lose as much weight as you want

ditch the diet mentality forever

create complete freedom around food

whats included:

8 weeks of private one on one coaching

weekly video lessons and worksheets

support between sessions

You will receive eight 45 minute private coaching sessions via Zoom. We will meet once per week...this is all about you!

 During these coaching sessions, we will coach on anything you want! Some of the most powerful things we will address have nothing to do with your food, we will look at all of the areas in your life!

You get a new series of instructional videos and worksheets to review before your coaching session. That way, the entire hour is all about coaching you and you get the most benefit!

 You will have a home page on a private site where you can access your videos and worksheets for the duration of the program from any device.

I offer email and/or Voxer support between sessions. Voxer is great for sending voice messages, photos and test messages in a private space. I will also email you after each session with any homework or notes from your coaching session. You will never be left stuck or wondering how to handle a situation...I got you!

think we are a good match?


Thank you Tracey! You've made such a difference in my relationship with food. I now feel more in tune with my veggies and my kitchen, not just going through the motions when I prepare my meals. I feel like I have been truly nurtured by our visits. Thank you for your thoughtful and reflective sessions.

kind words


Tracey, you are a wonderful coach! You take time to listen and help. You help women change for the good, which is so helpful in these times. I have enjoyed our sessions and you have helped me a lot! I have seen improvements in my weight, my energy level, stress management, and I am learning different ways to prepare foods. I am truly grateful for your help!

kind words

I loved the videos in your program so much! You explained everything, and it helped me to connect with the information by hearing your insights and personal struggles. It made it so much easier to share personal things, knowing you had already had experience with similar things. Thank You!

- t.w.

kind words

this is for you if,

You are looking for simple and permenant weight loss

You are ready to go all in! No more messing around, its go time!

You want a private coaching experience

You are ready to lose weight permanently

You are ready to ditch the drama and the shame