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Are you tired of quitting on yourself?
Are you ready to lose the weight - for the last time?
Are you ready to  stop hating on your body?

If you're done playing small, and ready to make some big changes in your life, this is for you! 

 You will learn to eliminate your cravings, trust yourself, and have your own back.

I will teach you how to eliminate OVERDESIRE for food and find the foods for YOUR body to lose weight!

Join me in the 8 week weight loss course - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Body, Change Your Life!

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 Weekly inspiration, lots of love + lifting each other up!

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Do I have your attention?

What if you never had to worry about your weight again?

What if this was the very last time you lost the weight?

What if you can achieve permanent success?

 Lets talk!

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Thank you Tracey! You've made such a difference in my relationship with food. I now feel more in tune with my veggies and my kitchen, not just going through the motions when I prepare my meals. I feel like I have been truly nurtured by our visits. Thank you for your thoughtful and reflective sessions.

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Tracey, you are a wonderful coach! You take time to listen and help. You help women change for the good, which is so helpful in these times. I have enjoyed our sessions and you have helped me a lot! I have seen improvements in my weight, my energy level, stress management, and I am learning different ways to prepare foods. I am truly grateful for your help!

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I loved the videos in your program so much! You explained everything, and it helped me to connect with the information by hearing your insights and personal struggles. It made it so much easier to share personal things, knowing you had already had experience with similar things. Thank You!

- t.w.

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