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Are you done playing small?

Are you ready to create freedom from overeating or overdrinking?

Do you feel like you have your life all together...except for your relationship with food and/or alcohol?

Have you tried ALL the diets, but just cannot stick with it?

Do you buffer daily with food and/or alcohol, just to numb out?


By hiring a coach, you receive the essential support, information and accountability that you need to succeed this time.

No more dieting...

No more battles with willpower...

No more emotional suffering...

I will help you to personally discover the right foods YOUR body needs to thrive!

I will support you in the emotional work and mind management tools you need to be successful in changing your body and your LIFE...thats the secret sauce!

Because it's not JUST about the weight, is it?

I will help you create food freedom and become empowered...

But as we go through this process you will gain so much more than that!

The most amazing part of this work is reclaiming your LIFE!

READY TO transform
your life?

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Over the past 15 years, I’ve been on weight loss roller coaster. Up, down, up down and all around. Always coming back to frustration and defeat. I’ve been curious and wanting to get to the root of my weight issues and make forever changes. I was finally READY! Tracey’s 8 week program is LIFE CHANGING! The weekly lessons are LIFE CHANGING! I have assembled so many new tools and life skills and she’s right there every step of the way! I feel lighter, happier and freer to just be me. I love who I’m becoming! Becoming is my meditation word for 2023! 

Thank you Tracey for your incredible course and for the bright star that you are!

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I think my big take away from this program has been that I simply don't drink daily the way I did before. I don't even think about it.  Every day drinking is no longer a thing. It's become my new normal. Crazy, right!? I'm sure couldn't have done that on my own without your plan so that's a BIG positive outcome for me. 
Thank you!

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Your support was fantastic. I didn't know what to expect, but I appreciated that you weren't a "yes" woman. Let me explain. Your support was genuine. I didn't just have a person that I paid to tell me how great I was every week and to "keep it up!". I felt a genuine connection and I felt as if you really cared about my progress and my wellbeing.

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You are an amazing person and I am so happy that you walked this part of my journey with me and gave me so many useful tools to help me get to where I want to be. It’s far from over but I am grateful that I get to know someone so kind and caring as you.

- T.W.

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Working with Tracey is an amazing experience! She helps me feel calm and safe, which always helps me see something I cannot see. I've grown so much from our time together. I trust her completely and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her! P.W.

- P.W.

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